The Choice Coin Community uses participation rewards as a way to both allocate the asset in meaningful ways and decentralize the asset.
Open Source Software
The Open Source Software (OSS) Program rewards developers for building Choice Coin software on GitHub. Currently, there are two OSS reward structures, the Gold Badge and the Silver Badge. The Silver Badge rewards substantial contributions to the Voting Repository on the Choice Coin GitHub. The Gold Badge rewards deployment of the Decentralized Decisions software for real world use cases.
Democratic Engagement
The Democratic Engagement Program rewards participants for contributing to democratic processes. The goal is to provide incentivizes for the Choice Coin Community to engage with their government and promote blockchain policy forward. To participate, write a letter to an elected official or representative regarding blockchain policy and democracy. The elected official or representative is intentionally open ended and may include a congressman, member of parliment, senator, or other elected government official.

Liquidity Rewards Program

The Liquidity Rewards Program (LRP) incentivizes participants to add liquidity to Choice Coin through TinyMan. The LRP is designed to grow Choice Coin's overall presence on TinyMan, thus allowing more people to participate in the ecosystem. Liquidity providers are eligible for Choice rewards in addition to collecting fees from TinyMan.
A great way to participate in Choice Coin is to join the Discord for the Choice Coin Community. This is where shorter rewards and community engagement programs are made available. These shorter rewards programs include social media participation, meme contests, and more. Furthermore, the Discord is also the best place to contact the Choice Coin team for questions regarding participation programs or the asset. The Discord server itself has different channels for each of these topics and is also the best place to show proof for the completion of a participation task.
Algorand Developer Forum
Another option to get involved is joining the Algorand Developer Forum. The Forum is a great resource for developers building on Algorand. Often, popular topics in the Forum are dedicated to discussion about Choice Coin.
Algorand Developer Portal
The Algorand Developer Portal is a robust resource for developers building on Algorand. It allows users to connect with other developers and to share information. The Portal includes a voluptuous library of blogs and tutorials for building on Algorand.
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