Choice Roles
Choice Roles are assigned to community members who take initiative to drive action and open source value creation within the Choice Coin DAO.
The Choice Coin Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a global group of developers, advocates, and Algorand enthusiasts. The Choice Coin DAO's mission is to create valuable, user friendly, and open source governance software on the Algorand network. Within the DAO, various roles are assigned to members based on their participation and contributions.
Choice Leaders
Anyone who makes a significant contribution to the community has the potential to be chosen as a Choice Leader. Choice Leaders are entrusted with running engagement programs, promoting the asset, and generating ideas to grow the platform. Leaders also have the ability to allocate Choice Coin to specific projects that they think will improve the Community.
Choice Captains
Captains are the users who have contributed the most to the Choice Coin DAO. Choice Leaders are eligible for consideration to be Choice Captains. Most often, Choice Leaders who run successful programs, participate in community engagement, and take initiative within the Community are chosen to be Captains.
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